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ATTENTION! The initials "A.K." used in this Website identify Polish Home Army (Armia Krajowa), an underground army fighting the German occupier of Poland, which was an integral part of Polish Armed Forces during the 2nd World War. Armia Krajowa should not be confused with the Latvian "Arajs Kommando",sometimes refered to as "A.K" by the press and mass media.

Truth is in conformity to fact or reality. Fact is something that actually exists or has actually occurred or has happened.
Fact and truth agree in denoting an assertion that corresponds to reality.
That is why we have chosen this way of discussing the problem and opinions concerning Poland. We are not afraid of the truth but we don't accept expression of a bad opinion about our country based on untruth.
As a first step toward establishing the truth, we want to let know some important events of Poland's history.

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