K. Karlsbad

        Memorial Edition, 1997


            PART ONE

                Chapter   1       The Way It Started
                Chapter   2       Resistance: The First Stirrings
                Chapter   3       Resistance: The Way Of Life
                Chapter   4       To Strengthen The Hearts
                Chapter   5       Getting Armed
                Chapter   6       The Human Round-Up
                Chapter   7       Shoot-Out By The Ancient Belfry
                Chapter   8       Wanderings With A Clandestine Radiostation
                Chapter   9       "Their Finest Hour"
                Chapter 10       In The Underground Military College
                Chapter 11       Economic Sabotage
                Chapter 12       Encounters
                Chapter 13       Glimpses Of Savage Days
                Chapter 14       Eastern Front Drawing Near

            PART TWO

                Chapter 15       "Liberated" Soviet Style
                Chapter 16       The Night Before Christmas Eve
                Chapter 17       Christmas Eve
                Chapter 18       Escape
                Chapter 19       The Outcasts
                Chapter 20       Return To Guerrilla Life
                Chapter 21       A Pack Of My Own
                Chapter 22       In Search Of A Way Out
                Chapter 23       Trying To Reach The Americans
                Chapter 24       "Repatriated"
                Chapter 25       Under Amnesty
                Chapter 26       Back To School
                Chapter 27       Life Under A Menace
                Chapter 28       The Noose Tightens
                Chapter 29       Time To Leave

            PART THREE

                Chapter 30       The First Crossing
                Chapter 31       To Berlin
                Chapter 32       The Taste Of Freedom
                Chapter 33       Time To Move Again
                Chapter 34       Bitter Taste Of Freedom
                Chapter 35       On A Dangerous Path Again
                Chapter 36       Berlin Revisited
                Chapter 37       Traversing The Corridor Again
                Chapter 38       The Limits Of Commitment
                Chapter 39       In The Service Of The US Army
                Chapter 40       Farewell To Europe